Ashoor Electric Company: Designer and Manufacturer of Smart Industrial Robots an

Given that Iran is earthquake prone and due to the bitter memories about earthquakes of Manjil, Bam and other cities and villages and lack of rescue’s advanced equipment, especially at night, Ashoor Electric Company is obligated to invest and research on meeting the needs of rescue in times of disaster and crisis. The Company has designed and brought to mass production the world's most advanced and powerful Mobile Light Tower, called Robotic Mobile Light Tower by spending a cost of over 10 billion rials and about two and a half years by Ashoor Electric Company’s inventors .We have proved that we are the best in the world For more information clock here

Some Important Features of Robotic Mobile Light Tower

Robotic Mobile Light Tower model AE4011-2WD is equipped with generator 8 to 40KW, mast height of 10.5 mm, lighting area of 200.000 sqm, full automatic, movable on uneven surfaces by remote control and transfer of hydro motor power to front axles.
Capability of being towed by heavy and light vehicles
Set of Robotic Mobile Light Tower on uneven surfaces using highly precise electronic balances
Infinite set of light angle by remote control
Possibility of quick transport or using helicopter
Because Robotic Mobile Light Tower is supposed to be used in a crisis, use and installation of this device is so simple that a ten year old child can carry and use the device easily... Read More